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Christmas Glass Blocks

Vinyl for 4x8 Glass Blocks

Vinyl designed to fit 4 inch x 8 inch rectangle glass blocks.

Made from your choice of high-gloss or matte adhesive vinyl, our vinyl for glass block designs are ready to be applied to 4"x8" glass blocks. Blocks can be found at most hardware (Lowes, Home Depot) and/or craft/hobby stores.

Vinyl can also be applied to most other similar sized surfaces.

A fun and easy Super Saturday, Enrichment Night or other group craft project!
  • Glass blocks are hollow, and many have openings on the bottom. If not, the bottoms can be drilled to create an opening.
  • Fill blocks with white Christmas lights.
  • Fill blocks with decorative ribbon or tulle.
  • Insert a photo inside the block.
  • Paint handprints or footprints on the backside.
  • Tie a ribbon around the block - a beautiful, handmade gift!
Looking for more rectangle designs? ANY DESIGN shown on our website (regardless of category) that measures 6 inches x 3 inches OR SMALLER will fit on a 4 inch x 8 inch glass block.